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There are different oral appliances/devices for treating sleep apnea/snoring, bruxism, and TMJ. These appliances are worn in the mouth at night. There are different ways to make the appliances that are the best fit and the most comfortable for individual patients to encourage compliance of usage. 

  • Bruxism: A bruxism appliance can be used for people who grind and/or clench their teeth. With wearing this simple custom occlusal splint guard, people have reported that they not only feel better with their achy jaw muscles, stiff neck and shoulder, and tooth sensitivity, but they also sleep better as well.
  • TMJ: People with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder sometimes have jaw pain, joint tenderness, clicking and popping in the joints, and it can be debilitating to their daily life since they cannot eat or talk, and the pain radiates to their head and neck, affecting their mental wellness. For acute pain, medication may be used to relax the muscles and reduce the inflammation at the joint. For chronic pain, a TMJ splint are often prescribed to help reduce pressure at the joint. People with TMJ tend to brux, causing worsening of the TMJ symptoms.
  • Sleep Apnea: For mild sleep apnea and snoring, a special appliance can be used to advance the lower jaw slightly forward. This allows the airway to be opened, decreasing obstruction from excessive tissue collapsing the airway. 

These appliances are fabricated to custom-fit in the individual's teeth and they need to be balanced and carefully evaluated to have harmony between the muscles, teeth, and joints. If done improperly, your symptoms may worsen and flare-ups may occur. These appliances are intended to be used long-term to serve as a protective device, improving patients' symptoms and quality of life. 

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