Parkinson's Disease

Our team understands Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is a degenerative, progressive neurological disorder that affects the way you move. Parkinson's disease is a condition which results from the loss of a substance called dopamine. It affects 1% of people aged over 50 years, and sometimes affects younger people. In most cases the cause is unknown. The three main problems in Parkinson's disease are usually tremor, stiffness (rigidity), and slowness of movement (akinesia). Due to decreased mobility as a result of PD symptoms, it is possible that the patient is no longer sufficiently able to thoroughly maintain his dental hygiene. This can cause dental carries to be formed. The side effect of medications used to treat the disease can cause dental problems for.

Some patients because a common side effect of these drugs is Xerostomia, (drying of saliva). This reduces antibacterial and cleansing actions, and may predispose the patient to a greater risk of periodontal disease and cavies. To avoid these problems, patients should pay greater attention to brushing, use an electric toothbrush, use mouthwashes, and pay more frequent visits to the dentist. When a Dental treatment is needed PD patient often require care beyond that provided by a regular dentist because of their medical condition. It is imperative that a PD patient or caregiver find a dental team to have the knowledge and can take the appropriate medical safeguards in treating PD patients. For the comprehensive treatment I.V. sedation is required for patient with PD because of the non-voluntarily movement these patients exhibits. Dr. Pham and her team are well verse in treating PD patient together with our staff anesthesiologist can anticipate medical complication as it arises. PD patient have many medical complication as the patient and caregiver observe the progression of the disease, let’s not let a dental complication add to that list and let our team help you with that.

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