Occlusal Adjustment

Do you wake in the morning with sore jaws?

When you bite, do you feel like your jaw is lopsided? If so, then you may need an occlusal adjustment.

An occlusal adjustment corrects the bite malalignment which is a result of missing teeth or teeth shifting over time. The goal of occlusal adjustment is to allow the balancing of teeth on both sides of the mouth so that the teeth can feel an evenly-distribute bite. This enables every tooth to help serve in the chewing function of the teeth, and not just one tooth taking the most damage when it in unbalanced, resulting in joint issues and damage on that side. Once your bite is adjusted, your teeth will meet properly. Occlusal adjustment is painless and can be done in a short visit using a dental handpiece, a diamond burr, and a dental polisher. When your bite feels balanced, your joints, jaw muscles, and teeth will feel in harmony with each other. 

Who is a good candidate for an occlusal adjustment? Patients with loose or shifting teeth will sometimes not meet correctly. Patients, who grind or clench their teeth, will have an uneven bite and pressure distribution in the mouth, which is also corrected through an occlusal adjustment. Sometimes tooth sensitivity can be corrected through an occlusal adjustment as the treatment reduces pressure on the sensitive tooth. If the tooth malalignment is not corrected, over time this can not only damage teeth but it can also negatively affect the joints and the surrounding tissues, causing TMJ disorder.

A detailed occlusal analysis offered by Dr. Hanah Pham is needed to identify the teeth that need adjustments. This occlusal adjustment ensures a well-aligned bite which will lead to minimal tooth wear and protects against future damage due to misalignment of teeth.

If you suspect that you may need an occlusal adjustment, please call (703) 860-4148 or contact us using the form below for a free consultation.

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