Periodontal Splinting

Loose teeth are common in moderate to severe periodontitis and sometimes trauma to the teeth.  Loose teeth need to be splinted together to allow supporting tissue to heal after trauma or to share the strength of all of the teeth that are splinted together into one unit in moderate to severe periodontitis since each individual tooth is already compromised for normal function.

Periodontal Splint | Dentist in Reston, VA

Teeth become loose because of lost gum tissue, injury, orthodontic treatment, or pressure caused by tooth misalignment. A new technique called periodontal splinting attaches weak teeth together, turning them into a single unit that is stable and stronger than the single teeth by themselves. The procedure is most commonly performed on the front teeth. The procedure is as simple as using composite material to attach, or splint, the loose teeth to the adjoining stable teeth. Tooth splinting is a common procedure that has gained popularity due to its effectiveness.

In mild loose teeth cases, most patients have grinding and clenching that causes repetitive trauma, in this cases they can use a bruxism splint to help with protecting their loose teeth, without needing to have a fixed periodontal splint performed. In severe cases, patients may need both the fixed periodontal splint and bruxism splint together to minimize the destructive forces of grinding and clenching, and they protect the compromised teeth from further degeneration of the supporting attachments to the root of the tooth, including the bone and gums. 

Loose teeth are uncomfortable, especially when you try to eat food or chew gum. The feeling of the tooth pulling away from the gum is enough to send chills down your spine. Contact our office today at (703) 860-4148 or fill out the form below for a consultation. Life is too short to live with loose teeth.

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