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IV Sedation in Reston, VA

At Reston Sunrise Dentistry, our IV sedation (Intravenous Sedation) is administered by our board-certified anesthesiologist. We are one of the few dental offices that has a board-certified anesthesiologist on staff to sedate our IV sedation patients. This enables us to provide deep sedation to our patients who have special needs (mentally and physically impaired), who are severely fearful, or who are very busy and want to get dental work done in as few visits as possible. If the idea of going to the dentist for a procedure brings on feelings of fear or anxiety there are options to ease the anxiety. Medication is given directly into your bloodstream through an IV and works within minutes. The anesthesiologist will be able to titrate the medication to the sedation, and the procedure is very safe and easy. 

IV sedation is the preferred method of general anesthesia where you go to a hospital to be sedated because you are breathing on your own as opposed to a machine breathing for you. IV sedation is also a much safer procedure since you are using less medication than general anesthesia, and it is a fraction of the cost since it is not administered in a hospital setting. It is recommended for people with special needs, people who have severe anxiety to dental procedures, people who are very busy, or for very complicated dental procedures. At Reston Sunrise Dentistry, our sedation is administered by a board-certified anesthesiologist as opposed to a dentist with an IV sedation permit, making this procedure much safer and can deal with complications during IV sedation if they arise. This allows us our office to tackle the toughest cases possible in a procedure aspect and sedation aspect.

We design a treatment plan in which all treatment can be completed in as few as one comprehensive visit using optimal sedation options that are tailored to individual needs. If you choose the option of IV sedation, it is administered and monitored by a board certified anesthesiologist on staff. This way Dr. Hanah Pham can focus on delivering excellent dental treatment and the anesthesiologist will provide the safest sedation environment possible. The way IV sedation is administered at this office is above any standards of sedation options you can find. At this office, mainly for safety reasons, IV sedation is not administered by a dentist or a nurse anesthetist and it is not general anesthesia (which requires a breathing tube and a ventilator since the patient is not breathing on their own, and much more drugs used are likely to be administered in a hospital setting for safety reasons). Although, Dr. Hanah Pham is certified to deliver IV sedation to patients and is certified in ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support), she prefers to allow a more qualified professional (a board-certified anesthesiologist) to administer the IV sedation to keep her patients safe and sleeping while she focuses on delivering the best dental care possible. 

Please click here to meet Dr. Tran, our anesthesiologist who has performed over 14,000 cases

IV sedation makes long or complex procedures seem shorter, allowing you to have all of your work done in a single visit in many cases. As an added precaution a local anesthetic will be given to the area that is being worked on to ensure that there is no pain. The benefit of IV sedation is that the level of medication can be adjusted during your procedure to ensure maximum comfort. Your heart rate and breathing are monitored very closely while you are being medicated because your safety is our number one concern.

Don't wait any longer to have necessary dental work performed because you are nervous. Ask Dr. Hanah Pham about IV sedation to see if it is right for you.

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