Reston Sunrise Dentistry: Our patient testimonial #2

Reston Sunrise Dentistry: Our Patient Testimonials #2

Reston Sunrise Dentistry:Our Patient Testimonial

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"Dr. Pham and her staff are very caring and take time to make you comfortable during your visit. They are very clean, efficient, and on-time. I have confidence they are doing their best to meet my needs. "


Rae B.

Patient: Bruce L

Date: January, 2017

I highly recommend Reston Sunrise Dentistry. Everyone is extremely nice and always a pleasure to be around. Ihave Dentist offices closer to my house but I drive up here because of the excellent service and the people here. Come try them out and I know you would do the same.

Patient: Mathew C

Date: December 2016

Reston Sunrise Dentistry is one of Reston’s hidden treasures? Designed for comfort and relaxation, Dr. Pham’s office is a welcoming space where she and her staff deliver personal care that extend well beyond curative and preventive dental medicine. At Reston Sunrise Dentistry, I found a group of dental professionals whose services are the highest quality and who invite patients to join a long term and in depth partnership. After years of subpar dental care and neglect, I had been looking for a caring and dependable dentist to help me catch up and get back on track. I am happy to have found Dr. Pham and her team.

Patient: Nicole N

Date: November, 2016

Reston Sunrise Dentistry is about 30 min from my house, and even though there are dentists much closer, I would never dream of switching. Dr. Hanah Pham and her staff are such wonderful, caring people, and they make going to the dentist an easy & pleasant experience. I’m always happy with my cleanings, and would highly recommend this office to anyone who might feel intimidated about going to the dentist-they are so gentle, and offer several options if you need sedation. The office has a very calm and relaxing feel, everyone is extremely friendly & accommodating & Dr. Pham herself is a wonderful dentist who always answers in detail any questions I have. I love it here!

Patient: Rishi A

Date: November, 2015

I have been a regular client at Dr Hannah Pham’s office for about 6 plus years I have always found services at this clinic a good balance between quality and affordability. Plus I was very fearful at first and I had overcome the fear of dentistry with Dr. Pham gentleness and great beside manners. I could not afford sedation so Dr. Pham and staff guide me with baby steps all the way. Dr Pham us very helpful and tries to develop personal touch. She always gave the best advice to keep my teeth healthy & how to prevent issues. They are very helpful with scheduling in case of last minute problems. Above all they made sure that my health & gum remain in a good condition in their cases I would recommend her to anyone.

Patient: Nickolas C

Date: October, 2016

I chose Reston Sunrise Dentistry after researching the internet and finishing the practice highly acclaimed, it really have lived up to these high expectations. I find the service to be extremely attentive and quality of delivery is excellent. Dr. Pham strives for perfection and I really respect the care she takes in my dental health. Little things like pain control through treatments make a huge difference. The overall service provided is delivered with a friendly, caring overtone. I also appreciate how accommodating the practice has been with my fluid work and travel commitments, this is important to me. Overall I am delighted with the results of my treatments and would fully endorse Sunrise to my friends and family.

Patient: KhanhV

Date:October, 2016

Dr. Pham and her staff are very pleasant and professional. I have been Dr. Pham’s patient for over 10 years and have genuinely enjoyed every dental visit because she made me feel at ease & comfortable. She si very knowledgeable in her field. She took time answering my questions and explained each procedure I have had thoroughly before proceeding. I would definitely recommend Dr. Pham to friends and family. Love her and her staff.

Patient: John B

Date: October, 2016

I have been a patient of Dr. Pham since I moved to the suburbs, close to five years ago. A talented dentist that takes the time to explain not only the procedure, but the cause, the results and ongoing maintenance. My comfort is always at the forefront of her action and is reflected in the overall atmosphere in the office and warmth of her staff. Lets be real, no one likes going to the dentist, but this is as good and pain free as it gets.

Patient: Gladys Lopez

Date: Oct, 2015

I wish to express my sincere appreciation for all the marvelous dental waork and your team have provided for me. Due to poor treatments in the past, I have developed a phobia about dentistry. From the first visit I noticed a big difference in the way you and your staff made me feel at ease. You are all sensitive to my fears and take time to calm me down. Your office is a very professional and compassionate dental service and I am very happy to recommend it to anyone who wants an excellent service. Sincerely, Gladys Lopez

Patient: Robin K

Date: February, 2016

I found my experience with a front tooth implant to be far more pleasant than I anticipated. Dr. Pham & staff showed sincere concern for my comfort and explained , in detail, the process it would take to achieve the outcome I expected. The process is a long one, but I was always “worked” into the schedule when I passed each phase and was ready to begin the next. I would recommend Dr. Pham to anyone considering a dental implant.

Patient: Daniel W

Date: February, 2016

The best care I have ever received. After years of struggling with my teeth, I know now have the smile I’ve always wanted. Patience has a new definition after visiting with Dr. Pham. There is a reason she has so many awards in her office. All earned

Patient: Mary Tittle

Date: May, 2016

I have been coming to Dr. Pham for over 10 years now and I have always felt comfortable and taken care of. The service is always flexible, caring and honest. I always leave with clean teeth and a great understanding of the condition of my teeth. Thanks Dr. Pham!

Patient: Luella B

Date: May, 2016

Dr. Pham and her staff are always kind and understanding and provide state-of-the-art service at the same time. Their patience & skill is apparent, and while I am a fearful patient, I’m coming to trust and even enjoy my visits.

Patient: Paul

Date: May, 2016

Dr. Pham is very knowledgeable, detailed-oriented, and thorough. The practice is well-run, efficient and on-time. I highly recommend them.

Patient: MBC

Date: April, 2015

Dr. Pham and her practice are wonderful to work with. They are patient and attentive with my daughter and very methodical and evidence-based in their treatment. They never try to oversell anything that is not medically necessary.

Patient: Peter C.

Date: September, 2016

Reston Sunrise Dentistry is a wonderful practice that doesn't fuel the anxiety that I have felt going to other dental practices in the past. I no longer dread dental visits and can incorporate them into my daily routine with minimal effort.

Patient: Patricia Parker

Date: August, 2016

I have had dental issues all my life. Needless to say going to the dentist wasn’t my favorite activity. I have a lot of anxiety about dentist and dental appointments. But now, it’s much easier to go to my dental appointments knowing I’m going to see Dr. Pham and Elizabeth. I’ve had a lot of dental work over the last couple years (because of my lack dental visits). Sedation dentistry was the answer for me. Dr. Pham is wonderful and caring. The quality of care is superb. If going to the dentist causes you to break out in a sweat-Go to Reston Sunrise Dentistry & Dr. Pham—no more sweat just a Dry Beautiful Smile!

Patient: Marco, C

Date: July, 2016

I am extremely pleased with all the services and work that I have done at Reston Sunrise Dentistry. I came in not having had seen a dentist in a very long time, and the staff her couldn’t have made the process easier. They were very accommodating and made sure that the primary goal would be a clean and health mouth. They’ve done a great job explaining procedures and any future preventative care. I’ve had to use their sedation service (deep IV Sedation with Dr. Tran-the anesthesiologist) for a few of the complex procedures, and it was a calm and soothing experience every time. I am very Pleased with the results; the difference in health of my mouth speaks for itself!! I would absolutely recommend Reston Sunrise Dentistry to my family and friends.

Patient: M.C.

Date: April 17,2015

Dr.Pham and her practice are wonderful to work with. They are patient and attentive with my daughter and very methodical in their treatment. They never try to oversell anything that it not medically necessary.

Patient: Sergey B

Date: April 8,2015

During all time (about 4-5 years), me and my children were happy with the results of procedures. We always have been treated with respect, all questions have been answered, explanation provided, and proposed preventative maintenance procedures and etc. I would recommend Dr.Hanah Pham and her staff for my friends. Thank you.

Patient: Amanda H

Date: September 26,2014

Dr.Pham and her staff provide high quality care to patients. Her care philosophy stressesprevention and education to help patients prevent dental problems in the future. Dr.Pham's work on my fillings was terrific. She made it as comfortable as possible. Additionally, Dr.Pham and her staff are always helpful in scheduling appointments to fit our family and work schedules. I would highly recommend Dr.Pham's office to anyone for special dental services or just routine care.

Patient: Kristina B

Date: May 20,2014

Dentistry with a soft touch. Works with you to help you get over your fear of the dentist. Keeps nurturing to only what is needed and makes each visit as comfortable as possible.

Patient: Margaret E

Date: Dec 16, 2013

I have been a patient of Dr.Hanah Pham at Sunrise Dentistry for many years. Dr.Pham has been great about addressing my questions and educating me on the best practices in dental care. She and the rest of her staff are always welcoming and proactive about my dental care and very patient with my concerns. I feel confident that their care is top notch and I appreciate their focus on preventative care. For example, in the last year, Dr.Pham created a night guard for me when she noticed signs that I was grinding my teeth at night. Hopefully, this will eliminate any risk of cracked teeth due to grinding in the future.

Patient: Anna B

Date: August 12,2013

I'm very satisfied with the work Dr.Hanah did with my dentures. She gave me a new smile. I would definitely recommend her. Her hard work shows in my smile. The whole staff is friendly and respectful. I love it.

Patient: M K

Date: August 4,2010

I have been coming here since June 2006. It has always a great experience. The team have great skills, experience and customer service skills. I highly recommend their dental services and always do my best to provide referrals. For someone that lives in Fairfax, Va and continues to see them out of network , that is impressive. Thank you for service and helping my teeth and smile look great.

Patient: Ivy S.

Date: June 5,2008

I am very happy with the results from my treatment with Dr.Pham. When I first came my teeth were in a bad shape. She brought my teeth back to good health. With invisalign my teeth are now straight and look fantastic!

Patient: Michelle C.

Date: April,2004

* The Office staff is always friendly and welcoming

* Appointments are always running on time

* The office is helpful to remind you of upcoming appointments with phone calls, texts, and emails

Patient: Seanna B

Date: August 3,2011

Dr.Pham and her staff are extremely friendly, professional, and pleasant. I've been going to Reston Sunrise Dentistry for a few years and the health and appearance of my teeth have improved dramatically. I no longer dread going to the dentist. In fact, although I've moved much further away from the office, I still make the trip because it's so worth it. I recommend Dr.Pham's office to everyone I know.

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